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The Kubota GL14000 diesel generator is a 60Hz, 14 kVA single-phase generator that is Tier 4 Final-certified. It is powered by Kubota’s reliable D902 diesel engine and is much quieter than anything similar on the market, with noise levels as low as 65 dB while running, source report.

“The GL14000 complements our existing Lowboy II line of generators, but offers greater application potential to suit our customers’ industrial needs,” says Gary Odden, Kubota generator expert. “At Kubota, we saw increasing demand for diesel power generators in the 14 KVA range that can serve industries such as construction, oil and gas, and back-up power. The GL14000’s higher outputs allow us to give them greater power capability.”

Like Kubota’s existing generators, the LowboyPro line’s GL14000 is fully enclosed and compact, unlike most competitors that offer only open units. These features allow the GL14000 to reduce noise while keeping out environmental factors, to improve the running life of the generator. It also has both the receptacle and terminal in one package, offering more flexibility and versatility for use. It also includes a higher quality alternator that is triple sealed during production and uses corrosion resistant paint.

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    Kubota GL14000 – 12,000 Watt LowboyPro Series Industrial Diesel Generator

    Kubota GL14000 - 12,000 Watt LowboyPro Series Industrial Diesel Generator -  Compact Design:Direct engine coupling and unique cooling system enhance the GL14000’s low profile that allows it to fit in more spaces. Easy One-Side Maintenance All maintenance locations can be accessed from a single, large access panel on the side of the generator: oil gauge, oil filter, oil fill, fuel filter, radiator water tank, battery and air cleaner. Engine oil and coolant drain extensions are included to help with regularly scheduled fluid changes. Most generators provide either receptacles or terminals. The GL14000 includes both.