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Kubota Generator GL7000

Kubota GL7000

The Kubota Generator GL7000 is a compact, portable, diesel generator that fits in right at home on any construction site, building project, or even around the home as a backup generator.

It produces 6.5 kW of continuous power in single-phase, 120 volts and 240 volts, 60-hertz power. While measuring just (42”L x24.3”W x27.5”H), making the GL7000 one of the most powerful generators for its size.

The low-to-ground design is perfect for busy construction sites. Making it a more easily portable unit than taller generators, as well as being safer.

The large swing-up side maintenance panel allows quick and easy engine inspection. You have easy access to the oil, coolant drain extensions, oil gauge, oil filter, oil refill port, fuel filter, water reserve tank, battery, and air filter/cleaner.

Built-in safety features like the automatic engine shut down if the oil pressure drops below a safe level or if the water temperature is excessive gives you peace of mind.

How Long Does the GL7000
Run For?

The GL7000 has a large capacity 7.4-gallon diesel fuel tank. From full, you can expect up to 16.5 hours of continuous operation at 50% load, and 10 hours at 100% load.

How Powerful is the
Kubota GL7000?

It produces 6.5 kW of continuous power and is available in single-phase, 120 volts, and 240 volts, 60-hertz power.

Benefits of Using Diesel-Powered Generators

If you’re in the market for a new generator you will have noticed there are various fuel types to choose from.

Natural gas, gasoline, biodiesel, and diesel are all popular choices, and each has its individual pros and cons.

The GL7000 is a diesel-powered generator.  This offers multiple benefits.

When using any tools and heavy-duty equipment, reliability is always high up on the checklist. Diesel is typically the fuel of choice for first-responders and other emergency services due to being the most reliable fuel source.

Safety is also a crucial consideration. Diesel doesn’t use spark plugs like a gas engine, and the fuel is less flammable.

Diesel engines and machinery requires less maintenance than other fuel types. They don’t use wires or spark plugs, so there are fewer parts to check and lower costs.

This model comes with a large capacity oil pan. Meaning oil change intervals up to 200 hours.

Diesel engines have a much longer life expectancy than a gas engine. You will typically pay more upfront, but when worked out across the life of the generator it will work out less expensive.

Taking into account the cost savings over the life of a diesel generator, the more you use it the better return you get on your investment.

This usually makes them a better choice for commercial uses. Although, due to being more reliable and requiring less maintenance, they’re also a popular choice for residential uses.

Download Kubota Information Sheets

Spec Sheet 1
Kubota Spec Sheet

Is The Kubota GL7000 Noisy?

For all the pros of a diesel generator, the main drawback for most people is the noise. Diesel engines are typically noisier than most of the other fuel types.

All of the Kubota engines – and this includes the GL7000 – have been designed to operate as quietly as possible

This model is quieter, more compact, and cleaner (EPA Tier II) than the original Low Boy. Its slower-speed fan, built-in muffler, and reduced air intake make it one of the quietest generators for its power output.

Is the GL7000 Right for You?

The most important consideration when buying a generator is choosing one with the right power output.

If the GL7000 is powerful enough, it’s going to check all the other boxes. It’s well-designed, portable, efficient, reliable, and has built-in safety features.

Kubota engines are known for being the most reliable and highest quality on the market. Whatever your requirements, you’ll find a model to meet your needs.