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Kubota Generator GL11000

Kubota Generator GL11000

Kubota GL11000

The Kubota Generator GL11000 is the perfect companion for small business contractors, construction sites, and all-purpose residential use

This compact, all-purpose, heavy-duty, diesel generator produces 11,000 watts in a liquid-cooler diesel generator.

It has all the plus points of being a diesel-powered generator while running quiet and being assembled right here in the U.S.

Measuring just (50.4″L x 24.3″W x 27.5″H), the GL11000 is one of the most powerful compact generators of its size on the market.

It’s been designed to be low to the ground to make it one of the most portable generators of its power. This is possible due to the direct coupling of the engine crankshaft with the cooling fan.

This means you can easily take the GL11000 to places where other, larger generators cannot fit. It also opens up a lot of possibilities for using this model as a home backup generator or other residential uses.

How Do I Operate the GL11000?

Operating this generator couldn’t be any simpler. The GL11000 has a keyed electric start and comes complete with batteries.

On the front of the unit, there is a pressure gauge and all the ports you’ll need to connect your devices.

You can get access to the oil, coolant drain extensions, oil gauge, oil filter, oil refill port, fuel filter, water reserve tank, battery, and air filter/cleaner via the side entrance.

It’s not weather-proof. Although there is a control panel weather-proof cover available to provide some extra protection in harsh conditions.

What Engine Does It Use/How Powerful Is It?

The Kubota Generator GL11000 uses our premium Kubota model D722, 3-cylinder, 18.9 HP, diesel fueled, liquid-cooled engine.

It runs at 3600 RPM and generates 11 kW (11 kVA) 60 Hz, of Standby (emergency or maximum) power and 9.9 kW prime (continuous) power at a primary voltage of 120/240 VAC, single-phase, 60 Hertz, with voltage accuracy.

Advantages of Using Diesel Powered Generators

There are many types of generators on the market. The most common fuel types being natural gas, gasoline, biodiesel, and diesel.

Diesel models, such as the GL11000, are fast becoming the most popular choice when it comes to deciding on a fuel type to power a generator.

There are a few reasons for this. Some of the main advantages diesel has over other fuel types are (click on each tab):

Diesel scores high on efficiency and cost. To clarify, diesel typically costs more than gas, but it has a higher energy density and will generate more power than a gas generator for the same volume.

Meaning it’s more cost-efficient to run. The more you use your generator over time, the more money you’ll save compared to a gas-operated unit.

Diesel generators are known for holding a steady power supply. This is why they are the preferred choice for construction sites and more importantly establishments such as hospitals and other emergency services that rely on a constant power supply.

A diesel engine does not use spark plugs or wires. This reduces maintenance costs.

Diesel generators and diesel motors in general have a longer lifespan than gas engines. Giving you a greater return on investment the longer you use it.

They are also considered to be safer than gas-powered generators. Diesel is less flammable than other fuels, and because they do not use spark plugs the risk of a fire is greatly reduced.

Download Kubota Information Sheets

Spec Sheet 1
Kubota Spec Sheet

How Noisy Is The Kubota Generator GL11000?

It’s built with a slower-speed fan and has a built-in muffler and reduced air intake. Making the GL11000 one of the quietest models on the market for its power and size.

It has considerably lower noise levels, is more compact, and runs cleaner than the original Low Boy.

Why Choose the GL11000 Over Other Models?

When choosing a generator, either for residential or commercial use, it’s important to understand what power output you need.

Once you know your power requirements, you’re looking for all the usual consumer plus points; value, efficiency, highly-rated, reliable, etc.

Kubota engines are known for being the most reliable and highest quality on the market. Whatever your requirements, you’ll find a model to meet your needs.